This is a sponsored blog post. For transparency, we received a discounted service from Resi in exchange for an honest review of their services on our website. This blog post will take you through our journey of selecting Resi through to receiving planning approval for the house.

What made you buy this house over others, and how did you know you could add an extension?

Quite simply, it was the best house on the market at the time, and it ticked all our boxes. It was a period, detached property that required work and had the scope around it to expand but still leave you with a decent-sized garden following a renovation. We took our builder to the property to look with us; however, you can never be 100% sure planning will be approved as many different factors need to be considered. Resi proved to be so beneficial because they fully understand the planning process and our local area without even visiting the property, giving us the confidence we would get the desired planning result! 

How did you work out the feasibility and rough cost of the project while house hunting?

You can use their quick quote tool by clicking here.

The house was in a bad way, and although liveable for a short period of time, it really needed renovating sooner rather than later. Although the general rule of thumb is to live in a house for at least 12 months before renovating the house (as it can take time to know what you want), we knew what we wanted from our new home. We knew we wanted to extend it, and we knew the layout was completely wrong; we just needed someone to help bring our vision to life. We wanted more than just some architectural drawings – we wanted to find an architect that could unlock our new home’s potential and help us through what can be a complex journey. Resi understood our brief and went through different scenarios, discussing various ideas on what was plausible both structurally and financially. 

How did you find your Architect, and what should you look for?

After searching the local market for Architects and receiving some eye-watering quotes, Resi came recommended to us by our Suryeor, who had heard great things about them. Resi offers architectural services whether you are looking to convert your loft, renovate your home or even a self-build. They have a team of architects, designers, technicians and surveyors in-house, so we’re in a great position to cover all angles for us. 

Although we had reservations about using an online company (as it was unknown to us at the time), those fears quickly dissolved once we read some of their online articles and noted their appearances in the press. We believed they had extensive expertise in the sector we were looking for. They were reasonably priced, and their dashboard was excellent and so helpful to us. It allowed Ian and I to be in different places (because of work) yet be able to collaborate with Resi simultaneously with their screen sharing feature.

We want to extend but don’t know where to start, how the process will play out, and who does what?

It has been 4 years since our last renovation, and we had completely forgotten what we needed to do at each stage, such as what came first, specialists we needed to consider and everything else, so we totally get it. It’s always a little daunting thinking about what you need to do and where to start! For us, it started with a free consultation with Resi, discussing our ideas and what we wanted to achieve. Following the call, Resi provided us with a quote based on the services we required, and within a few weeks, things had already kicked off! 

Once we had agreed on our package with Resi, the first step was for a detailed measured survey – Resi surveyors visit your property to record the existing measurements of your home, using the latest laser technology to deliver highly accurate results. Their scanners reduce the chances of human error and potentially costly delays. Our Surveyor Pedro was in and out in less than 90 minutes. It can take a manual survey 4-5 hours and cost up to £3,500 alone, but you get this all included with your package. The digital model allows Resi designers to take an online tour of your home whenever they need, allowing them to provide slick designs easily. The level of detail captured helps increase your chances of planning success.


Once this has been completed, those measurements are then turned into a set of existing drawings. Depending on the type of development you are carrying out, these can include floor plans, elevations, site plans, and roof plans – all required by your designers and your local planning authority. 

How much involvement did you have in the design?

We had lots of involvement, and Resi very much encourages you to collaborate during the early stages. We added many pictures from Pinterest to the Resi dashboard to give them a visual idea of our interior/exterior tastes. We also completed an easygoing pre-design questionnaire which Resi use to get an idea of your overall requirements from the project.

Our Account Manager Mo set up our briefing call with our designer Connor to discuss the results from our questionnaire and the ideas we had to start to visualise what our future space would look like. These drawings would then be used to help secure planning approval and create 3D models of our dream space later on.

We were able to contact Connor at any time using the Dashboard’s messaging feature, so even when we forgot to mention something on our calls, it was so easy to update Connor and the team throughout the engagement. 

Resi Dashboard – so easy to communicate with our designer and the rest of the team throughout the process.

Once our preliminary drawings were ready, our designer arranged a time to walk through what they had put together. This was all done over the phone, using the onscreen-share function. You will get a chance to make amendments, getting you closer to the finalised plans.

Did your architect look after your planning application, or was it something you did yourself?

Resi looked after everything. Once we had our plans, it was time to get permission. Our planning package included existing drawings, proposed designs, plus the verifying information required by our local planning authority. Applications typically take 8 weeks to reach a decision. During this time, Resi’s planning agents liaised with the council on our behalf, ensuring we had the best chance of first-time approval.

How long did planning consent take to go through, and what were the next steps before beginning the work on-site?

Our planning approval came through within 6 weeks which was fantastic! Once planning had been obtained, it was time for building regulations. We had the choice of ‘proceeding at risk’ or wait for planning approval (all of this can be explained here. Resi provided us with lots of information about each step on the Resi dashboard so Ian and I could make an informed decision every step of the way. Resi created the crucial technical drawings, and we were introduced to vetted structural engineers and approved inspectors through ‘Resi Connect’ with all the information shared via the Resi dashboard. All their quotes and proposed services were easy to understand, and with a click of a button, we could easily elect and proceed with their services. Knowing that they were all vetted by Resi makes your life easier as you know you are working with trusted 3rd parties. 

Once Resi created the Building Regulation drawings, we were good to go!

How did you find reliable tradespeople? Do you have a process for ensuring they are trustworthy?

Although we used a builder we knew, Resi can help you through the tendering process, introducing you to the very best builders and professionals in your area. So if you are concerned about finding a reliable builder, this service is a welcome addition to many of their clients! 

We want to think we will be here for a very long time, and it ticks all the boxes for a forever home; however, we can never say never to moving again! One thing is for certain if we ever did another project, we would definitely work with Resi again!

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    Brilliant article, so informative! Thanks for all your insights and for describing your experiences. Very informative and also really helpful (we are hoping to do something similar-but have no previous experience). Can’t wait to see how your house develops-it’s going to be incredible from the plans!

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