Ross and Ian met in June 2014 and purchased their first property together in August 2016, a 1930’s semi-detached house in Berkshire which was in need of being ‘fixed up’. The house had been rented out for 19 years so was in need of some serious TLC, a lot of the original features were removed (including fireplaces and internal doors) which meant the house had lost its charm and character and this was something Ross and Ian wanted to add back to the house.

So with an exciting renovation challenge ahead, Ross and Ian decided to document their journey through Instagram as a way of looking back on all the things they would go on to achieve as well as share updates with friends and family, and so, ‘Our 1930s Fixer Upper‘ was created.

Fast forward to January 2021 and now with an audience of 100,000+ followers, Ross and Ian have sold their 1930s home and will be moving into a new fixer-upper, that is once again in desperate need of being brought back to its former glory!

Follow the next chapter of their renovation over on Instagram or via this blog where they will be sharing all the best and worst parts of renovation life!